Latest beers

Our latest two beers are going down a storm. The 4.5% Stout has has chocolate and orange flavours and aromas and is very similar to drinking a Terry’s chocolate orange. It has really developed well during cold conditioning, whilst jester a pale hoppy beer with new style English hops is also being well received. There […]

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Xmas close down

Our last delivery day over the Xmas period will be Tuesday 22nd of December, however we will be delivering again on the 29th December. Our latest brew ‘Jester’ hit The Talbot at the back end of last week and it was really well received. The hop breeding programme that has been running in the UK […]

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Preparations are well underway for the busy festive season, I have even turned on my Xmas lights on the van dash board! We have two new beers available, Stout, which is like drinking a Terry’s chocolate orange in a glass and as a contrast we have 4% pale hoppy beer. The Stout is going down […]

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Xmas beer

This week will see the brewery produce Gyle no. 250 (Gyle for those non brewing readers means batch) and we are planning on producing yet another new beer. This one will be brewed using English hops. The hops are part of a new hop development programme and these new hops (Jester) are really fruity and […]

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Beer, it's the best damn drink in the world.

Jack Nicholson