Mosaic – A 4% pale hoppy beer one of our single hopped series. brewed using only the finest Australian Mosaic hops these provide a rich mixture of mango, lemon and citrus.


Legacy – A 4.2% pale hoppy beer. This is our ‘Legacy’ from the Tour de France. Based on our very popular T’ Yellow Jersey brewed for the Tour. This beer uses the same hops Admiral and Aramis, to provide orange, citrussy and herbal aromas but with a slight tweak to make it even better.


A 4% pale golden ale using only a single hop variety, chinook, to give a grapefruit finish.

Heron Porter

4.2%, a rich deep scarlet beer with chocolate on the nose and a full round smooth flavour.


A 4.2% pale single hop beer that uses Cascade hops to provide floral and citrusy aromas.

Not all chemicals are bad. Without chemicals such as Oxygen and Hydrogen, for example, there would be no way to make water a vital ingredient in beer.

Dave Barry